Works with personality

Since 2017, I have created unique works of art characterized by figures and faces drawn in one line.

One of my most distinguished tasks as an artist, is to tell your story in a work. For me, all stories are unique, and therefore the communication must be the same. I am so privileged that over 1,500 original works today live with people all over the world, and it warms my heart.

On this page you can see a small selection of the original works I have made for people, as well as a price overview of similar works. If you press 'send inquiry' you will be directed to a contact form where you can send an inquiry about a personal work. I look forward to hearing from you and how I can tell your story in a unique piece of art.

Colorful family portrait

Square family portraits measuring 110x110 cm. By painting the line in different colours, the customer can incorporate a beautiful play of colors without it becoming too dominant in the decor. Family portrayed as mother, father and their three children - colors selected in collaboration with the customer. Painted on 350 gram semi-structured drawing paper, glued and framed in a thin black aluminum strip.

Price for likeness: NOK 6,490 including special framing

The perfect size

Large canvas work of 150x200 which was determined based on the measurements of the wall, so that it fitted perfectly to the customer's home. The colors are chosen, matched and mixed according to the family's home and wishes.

Price for similar: NOK 13,990 on linen canvas

Family portrait

Work for Tobias who wanted his mother, father, brother and him interpreted in an original work of art. With a special wish that it can hang both horizontally/vertically.

Price for Eq. NOK 11,990

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Personal work

Original artwork on linen canvas measuring 120 x 180 cm. Abstract portrait of a loving couple with a popular color palette that suits most homes.

Price for approx. NOK 11,990

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Budding life

Portrait on 150 x 200 cm linen canvas of a sweet family on - with a little new one on the way which is represented in the work as a budding element.

Price for Eq. NOK 13,990

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Simple work

Family portrait of family of 4. Made on handmade paper measuring 50 x 70 and subsequently framed in a solid oak frame with air between paper and frame

Price for approx. NOK 3,690

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Gift for graduate

Personal work for a graduate medical student. With a stethoscope around his neck and painted with my technique of different colored lines. 50 x 70 in standard frame

Price for eq. NOK 2,900

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Portrait of couple

Original artwork of a couple painted in abstract form. Symbolizes care and warmth. Decorated with gold leaf and framed in dark oak. 80 x 110 cm

Price for eq. NOK 4,990

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A big hug

Original family portrait painted on handmade paper with a beige background. Stripes in white and cobalt blue + decorated with gold leaf and framed in solid oak.

Price for similar. NOK 4,990

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Personal gift

For a medical graduate painted with her favorite colors on a 100 x 150 linen canvas. Abstract and in motion to symbolize her life of dance and gymnastics.

Price for Eq. NOK 6,990

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Three in a row

The customer wanted three works that could hang side by side in her clinic. Simple in the expression fydt with love and warmth. 70 x 100 in brass frame

Price for eq. NOK 4,490 each

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